It’s Time to Transform your CX with Cloud

5 min readJan 24, 2022


CX with Cloud

There has been quite a rush to migrate to a cloud contact center solution also referred to as CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). As a member of a solution providing brand, I witness our sales team working overtime because there are’s just so many people arriving late to this party. The cloud solution has been around for a long time, but the need just got realized, all thanks to the unprecedented pandemic. Not only did cloud save a lot of businesses, but it also made people realize how cost-efficient it is compared to an on-premise setup. I mean, no maintenance cost, no fancy hardware, and work from anywhere. Everything is virtually hosted over the internet and the experience is seamless.

What is Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud-based Contact Center Solution or CCaaS is a natively cloud-based solution and all calls are managed over the cloud servers. Most of the providers offer multi-tenant solution and some do offer multi-instance solution. While multi-tenant solution can offer a very competitive pricing because of scale of economy and multi-instance safeguards the user from shared infrastructure. Usually, traditional PBX Contact Center Solution (On-premise systems) needed a dedicated storing area followed by heavy hardware. It demands a regular maintenance (AMC costs) and needs quite a good amount of investment. However, with cloud many of these issues became irrelevant and customers are using the latest version without any upgrade cost!.

Imagine, eating all you want and never getting high cholesterol. A deal we will all sign up for! Similarly, with CCaaS you get all the benefits and more, without shedding more money. In fact, you pay lesser. That fulfills the very first criteria of turning your contact center into a profitable hub, by making it cost-efficient. Although, the benefits don’t just end here.

The customer support industry is becoming more experience-driven. Customers especially the growing Gen-Z and millennial crowd, demand a luxury treatment, and rightfully so. This mobile-focused audience, always expects immediate responses, personalized suggestions, and above all data security. Every other contact center is upgrading to deliver these, making it a hyperactive marketplace. I mean, if you are not pacing up with your audience, are you even in the game?

What pushed everyone towards the Cloud?

If we learned anything from the past two years of pandemics, it is that things are changing rapidly. The one who adapts faster, the one who is agile, will stay in the business. The working culture has changed and it is being complemented with various virtual solutions and the inescapable AI. Let’s actually make a list and see what we learned:

  • Workforce flexibility is here to stay. Teams will need tools that enable them to work remotely and CCaaS solution as offered by C-Zentrix allows the agent to communicate over a browser (WebRTC), mobile app, softphone or even using their mobile SIM.
  • Automation-driven self-services will become a go-to place for modern customers. However, they might lead to a live agent if needed.
  • Data-driven actions are needed now or else you risk losing customers due to the lack of personalization.
  • Digital channels like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, etc are going to rise at a higher pace. You must reconsider the customer route maps and introduce newer factors in it.
  • Lastly, the future of the contact center lies in a cloud module. If your business is unique and requires on-premise support, then it has to be hybrid. There are no two ways about it.

Cloud contact center solutions are not stagnant. Your cloud solution provider will complement the platform with a variety of desktop applications, core contact center tools, management tools and other technology needed to run your business. In other words, all the tools you had with your traditional solution is also available on cloud.

Around 70% of contact centers across the globe is switching to a cloud module or at least considering it. They find it more versatile, efficient and modern.

When we say Cloud is Versatile, what do we actually mean?

Not all call centers have similar requirements, however same packages are sold to them all. It is not efficient for many small and medium sized businesses. With cloud solution, businesses have complete autonomy over the module they select. They can upscale or downscale as per their need, without worrying about stringent contracts. Popular cloud telephony providers like C-Zentrix offer a pay-as-you-grow model, where the buyer can just spend as per need.

The second reason why cloud is versatile is because of its no bias for connectivity. In other words, your agents can login with any device as long as they have access to the Internet. They can avail PSTN, VoIP, smart phones and more. Supervisors can monitor their activities in real-time, making it no different from an in-office experience. Oh, I forgot to mention the multi timezone feature in cloud ensures that all your reports are available based on your timezone!

Lastly, your contact center will no longer slow down due to lengthy updates. And you will never have to pay for upgrades either. On cloud, upgrades are rolled out once its tested by the provider. Thanks to the Devops team! It is now a part of the cloud experience, where the agenda is to make things faster and better.

Cloud Contact Centers are transforming the Customer Experience

Cloud contact centers actually have the bandwidth to survive the changing expectations of customers. With newer updates, and multiple avenues cloud becomes the ideal platform to support a team that will tend to customers. For example, if we consider cloud routing which will actually route the customer to any of the contact center connected on the cloud, where an agent is available. There’s also Geo Routing, where the call can be routed to an agent sitting at the same location as the customer, making the communication personalized and relevant. With API-enabled services, Cloud contact centers can seamlessly engage with other cloud platforms and scale the business.




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